Are you smart enough to escape from the room

If you are a fan of RPG games or puzzle games try to escape from
this room, you need to find items on the room that will help you to get
out of it… best luck Crimson Room

After few days i will tell you how to do it if you could not figure it out 🙂

Update: The solution is here for all items in the room….

  1. In the glass bowl ring No. 1
  2. Open the curtain few times ring No. 2 should fall and also you have key
  3. Look under the book case for the cassette
  4. Move the pillow up to get another key and also the bed head bord to get the metal bar
  5. Open the close drawer to get power cord
  6. Connect the power cord to CD player and open the CD to get another key
  7. Open the 2nd drawer to get the a box
  8. Add the two ring and the metal bar to this box to make it open
  9. Add the cassette and to get the batter look on the side of the bed
  10. Run the movie until it gives the + sign, wait until the movie end click three times on the + sign
  11. Open the safe using 1994 as code
  12. get the screw driver and open the door with it

You did it and escape from the Rooooom 🙂

3 thoughts on “Are you smart enough to escape from the room”

  1. Dont remind me! i tried it once and i was 1 item away from finishing it, but i closed the window!! msh na2esni waja3 ras, plus…I HAVE A LIFE! (h)

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