On ne Change Pas


On ne Change Pas the name of the new album for Celine Dion has been
released with all her best Hits French Songs, it comes with two CDs
contains 36 songs. The album is great sepcially for whom listen to the
french music… You must listen to “I believe in you, On ne change pas,
Je ne vous oublie pas, Fais ce que voudras, Quand on’a que l’amour, Je
t’aime encore, Je sais pas, L’amour existe encore”

3 thoughts on “On ne Change Pas”

  1. This invitation to listen to a recommended Celine Dion’ songs is not for Autographics’ staff nor for any one of GIS Dept especially me since some one made no choice for me to not listen to Celine Dion’ songs through his daily concert in our little GIS room 😉

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