Learning from past

Sometimes I asked myself; when something bothered us or we experienced
something that upset us, why we continue experience them again and again… Is it
because we are not learning from our past, or it is because we forget, or it is
because we forgive. Why sometimes we love to make ourselves suffering. Why we can’t
go on and move ahead? Why we are sticking to our past? Each time we said “It
will be the last time…” but after few minutes – may be – we back again… If you
found the answer, tell me because I still didn’t figure it out, Why??!!!

7 thoughts on “Learning from past”

  1. Why?
    The same reason i keep opening this website not knowing why 🙂
    becouse if we have no past we have no future..
    Just live and learn..
    God will be there with us after all..
    God bless ya 🙂

  2. it is because deep inside us we need and want to be hurted. we love suffering and like other people to reject us. u always note that if we love a people and he or she rejected us we will keep running after him and bear his or her torture. this is just an example

  3. I can say you are right some times.. biu i think it’s more about what we expect and want things to be.. so if something went wrong we collapse thinking the world will end..
    well.. good news.. it will not..!
    we should just believe 🙂
    God knows the best for us..

  4. the end of the world depends on the strength of the person. the world actually ended for marylin monro, soad hosni, and lately for anna nicole smith. despite the fame, love and fortune heir weaknesses beat them and made them to commit suicide. if things went wrong…weak people will always feel it is the end of the world.

  5. Yep! that’s right.. we just need some time to grief.. then move on.. 🙂
    and as i heared once.. “almu2men ya7zan wa la yay2as”
    so be strong.. and believe.. 🙂

  6. strength may be derived from the fact that life worth to be lived…hala2 believing may not always show the life as a good existence for ppl

  7. Well.. that depends on how we view our selfs and the world.. and our experiences and relations play a good part in all of this..
    Believing is the reason to be secue. becouse after all.. God is there and knowes the best for us..
    ok.. bad times will come.. we will griefe.. we need our time.. it’s all part of our development. At the end, we should gain something.. even if it’s only a lisson

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