Google changed its fav icon

If you go to Google site and your are using Firefox or IE 7.0 you will notice that Google changed its favicon, that does not mean anything from service point view but change the design… I like the new favicon more the previous one..

Firefox 3.0 Launch Party in Amman

Firefox 3.0 Launch Party

Currently we are working to arrange a Firefox 3.0 Launch Party in Amman if you are intersted to join us to celebrate click on the above image and add your name…

If you have any suggestions for the place… please tell us..

Happy and safe surfing 🙂

Firefox Download Day 2008

Firefox Download Day

Mozilla is trying to enter the Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours.

What you have to do is just go to this website Firefox Download Day and registered that you are pledging to download Firefox on the release day to have the record… The total pledges is around 280,000 and counting… In Jordan there are 89 Pledges.. Invite all Firefox lover to pledge and increase the number from 89 to 1000

New Login to Gmail


If you open your Gmail today you should notice that there is a progress bar while loading the email, and you can switch to the basic view from the bottom of the screen…

iPhone is coming to Jordan via Orange


Orange Jordan will bring the iPhone to the country according to the Orange Press Release later this year. There is no words if it will be exclusive only for Orange or others can offer the Phone like Zain, but in Egypt they will have two operators Vodafone and Orange, may be in Jordan we will have Orange and Zain.

مسرحية صح النوم

بعد مرور تقريبا اكتر من 6 اشهر على حضوري مسرحية صح النوم للسيدة فيروز، لقيت سي دي المسرحية كامل من البداية الى النهاية وقررت احط الاغاني والمقاطع اللي شدتني في المسرحيه. اول شي مقدمة المسرحية ، بعدين دخول المستشار زيدون (وحق من الله) والمقطع التالي عند نوم الوالي (يالله تنام) ، والمقطع اللي بعدو البير المهجور، واخر مقطع نزلت على البير

To get the files, right click on the link, and choose Save Link as…

How much pressure in the car tire you should have

Maintaining the optimum value of the air pressure in your tire will help you to save fuel consumptions from to 10% to 15%. Each car manufacturer recommend the amount of air pressure you should have in your tires, to find these values; open the car door (next to steering) and look for any labels on the edge of the car and read the values. You will have two values, one if the load is light and the other if the car is fully loaded. Check your air pressure on the tires every 3 weeks to one months so you can minimize the fuel consumptions.

My own Greek Salad

Greek Salad

To make the above Greek Salad you need

  1. 1 or 2 medium Tomatoes -Cut into wedges
  2. 2 medium Cucumber – Sliced into rings
  3. Black Olive _ Sliced into rings (add as many as you want)
  4. punch of Rocket leaves – Cut into large leafs
  5. 2 leafs Romanian Lettuce – Cut into large
  6. Feta Cheese – Cut into small cubes (As many as you want
  7. pinch of Sugar, salt, black pepper
  8. 1 teaspoon Apple Vinegar
  9. 1 tablespoon Virgin Olive Oil
  10. 2 tablespoon water

Put all vegetables on deep bowl and mix them together. Bring a cup, add Vinegar, Olive oil, sugar, salt and black pepper, mix them together, until they become one solution, then add water, also mix them together until the water mixed with everything. Add the dressing to the salad and mix.. Finally add the feta cheese on the top… wait for few minutes until the vegetables are taking the dressing…then eat 🙂

Bon appetite

How to stop Hiccups

human body

If you are having problems with hiccups like me, and wait for long time to stop (sometime it stop after one hour), these are the best solution to stop it

  • Try to breath in a bag (preferred a paper bag)
  • Stop breathing as long as you can
  • Drink a cup of water without taking a breathe
  • Try to get afraid 🙂
  • Let someone lie to you 🙂 (Don’t forget to lie is not good)
  • Drinking Warm water (according to Growing Happiness)

If you know any more method, share it with me so it may help someone having a problem with hiccups like me 🙂