Enabling Offline Web Applications

They did it again, Google releasesed the beta version an extension that will let you make your Web applications works offline. Yes your WEB application. You need to modify your application to use these API. I already saw demonestration how your web email is working offline.. I think soon the Gmail we let you browse your email offline..!!!!!!!

Install Linux on Windows as an application

I didn't know that such application is exist until I red about it. You can install Ubuntu from Windows like any other windows application without need to change the partitions of your hard disk, and if you done from it, you can just uninstall it from add/remove programs. Until now I didn't try it by myself, but if you did tell how it was….

D’elles the new Celine Album

Finally the new french album for Celine Dion is here.. the album have 13 songs.. Amazing they are.. All the songs were written by females.Until now i love Je Cherche l'Ombre ("I'm Looking For The Shade"), Je Ne Suis Pas Celle ("I'm Not The One"), On S'est Aimé à Cause ("We've Loved Each Other Because"), Berceuse ("Lullaby")…
I should mention that all songs are great but these that 1st the grab my attention from 1st time, even if you don't understand french I am sure you will love the songs without even understand them… The English album for Celine will be released next October.

Me in Dubia

I know friends, you may kill me if you know that I was on Dubai last week and I didn't tell you, it was really very short 4 days with full time.. i didn't have time even to see Dubai… God help you for that humid hot weather… Hope to see you next time when I come their.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Why I love this movie, because Johny Dipp is psycho, the movie without this man is nothing. The movie is one of the greatest movie this year. The movie is 2:45 hours, but you will not notice the time, it will pass as if it is few minutes. The most scene that I like the ship that was full of Johny :-). I hope to see in future more movie for captain Jack with new story line.

The First…..

Always the first from anything always special, The first meeting, the first in the class, the first look, the first fight, the first love, etc…

As it is the first ticket i had it since I start driving I guess it is also special "The First Ticket :-)" But the funny thing that i got it because I parked in wrong area – Ok i admit it, I was wrong – but there were no parking area at all so where to park?!! Anyway always enjoy the First thing from anything 😉

How the mouse pointer is working

I always wondered how the mouse pointer is moving over the screen while you are moving your mouse..

As usual Japaneses people not stop discovering these mysteries.. check this website and see how the mouse pointer is moving Pointer Mystery

Spider man 3

Let us say great action movie, with a lot of fighting scene but spoiled story… I actually enjoyed it and you will if you turn off the story mode..

Firefox 3

Do you have any ideas who is this pretty woman??!! She is the CEO of Mozilla Foundation Mitchell Baker… She is talking about the future of the Firefox… You can read it here….

Top innovative companies

This is a list of top innovative companies around the world … the 1st place for the 2nd year is going to Apple… Also for the 2nd year Google took the 2nd place… I wonder when an Arabic company will be on this [[popup:applegoogle.png:list::inline:1]]!!!