Mind + Soul + Body

After winter, people starts to clean their houses, get rid of the cloths or stuff that they don’t need anymore. Windows are open to let the new fresh spring breeze to enter the house and replace the cold humid one. Fasting is my “Spring cleaning” of my body, mind and soul. Every year, I feel how my soul is elevated, how’s my body is taking a rest during the day and start focusing in cleaning itself. My mind become more clear, my energy level increase specially my mental power. This is year I wanted to add another layer on top of that, I wanted to try yoga while I am fasting. I doubted myself how far I can go, I was expecting myself after the fist class to stop and take break until I finish the month because I will not be able to do it. However, I had completely different experience! It added to my peace of mind, it helps me to recognized my body more and pushed its boundaries. After every class, I came back home, I don’t feel like doing anything, just breaking my fast, and enjoy the peaceful moment inside my head and my body. Yoga gave my fasting a boost, it is like the finial touches to my body and my mind. Now the equation is completed and both side of it is on balance: Mind + Soul + Body = Me!

Yoga – A new experience

When I started  Yoga exercises five years ago, I wanted to bring balance to my life because I know that yoga is all about balance. Gym and weight lifting is not something for me. I feel that I have more connection with yoga. Since I start practicing I understood my body more and I started to listen to it more.

Now, I am having different experience guided by a teacher.  I started to see Yoga in different dimension I didn’t see it before. Yoga is about balance but also about to do what your body allow you do in the moment and slowly let it expand naturally and with a flow. It feels natural because it connects your with your body rhythm through your breath. It sync your movement with your natural body rhythm to bring you to a next level of harmony.

I will keep exploring more about my new Yoga experience and I am looking forward to see where this time it is going to take me.

We see what we want to see!

I am a visual person, I like to visualize everything I am thinking of or I want to do. For that reason, I have a strong visual memory. Everyday when I leave my house I remember everything exactly where it was with every details. So if anything happened during my absence and alter that I would know immediately. Few days ago, I return from work as usual and the first thing I would do after removing my shoes and jacket is to raise the temperature of my central heater. I went there to put it up, but I was surprised to see it  already set to 21 which the usual temperature that I am used too. The first thing crossed my mind was “maybe I forgot to lower it in the morning before leaving to work, so no need to panic. And why would a thief put the temperature up?!”. I felt more relaxed with that idea and I went to kitchen to prepare my dinner. The first thing that I noticed was the towel that I used to clean the sink is still wet! That raised a question again inside my head but I said to myself “You know that it is cold and things take time to dry, and again why would a thief clean the kitchen?!”. Then I noticed another thing odd, the hand of my water sink was set to the maximum, and usually I don’t put it like this or never. Also, once I opened it; directly a hot water came out. At this moment I stopped and said to myself ” definitely there was someone in the apartment and he left before my arrival with few minutes, how come then the water came that hot directly!” For a moment I wanted to panic but deep inside me the person that was here  didn’t mean any harm! Then I remembered, and I started to laugh. My landlord called me in the morning and asked me if he can come to the apartment and check the central heating for annual maintenance while I am at work :)! Now everything make sense to me.

When I think about what happened again, I see how sometimes we see things happening on front of us, screaming on our face saying there is something wrong happening here, but we intentionally ignore them because we don’t want to believe that thing is happening and we only want to see what we want to see!

شو تعلمت من الركض؟

كمان تقريبا عشر ايام بصير لي عايش بهولندا خمس سنين، هالخمس سنين ضافوا كتير شغلات الي وفتحوا عيوني على ثقافات وعادات كتيرة منها المنيح ومنها المش منيح (طبعا برأي). أول ما وصلت على هولندا لفت نظري شغلات كتيرة منها  قديش الناس بتطلع تركض في النهار او في الليل كبار او صغار في السن ما في عمر معين.  وكنت مرات اوقف على الشباك والدنيا تكون مطر واشوف واحد او واحدة بركض تحت المطر، احكي لنفسي شو صاير بالدنيا عشان اطلع اركض تحت المطر؟ يعني لو وقفت يوم شو راح يصير؟ ما راح أموت؟ حطيت محكمة وحاكمت هاي الناس.

من شهرين قررت اطلع اركض والتزمت اني كل اسبوع اركض 3 مرات لنص ساعة. طبعا شعور حلو كتير خصوصا بعد تعب يوم أو تبدأ فيه يومك. إمبارح كانت الدنيا مطر والثلاثاء احد الايام اللي بطلع أركض فيها، روحت على البيت لبست اواعي الركض وطلعت أركض تحت المطر. وأنا بركض اتزكرت حالي وأنا بحكي عن الناس اللي بتركض تحت المطر “مجانين” هلا انا صرت مجنون زيهم. فهمت ليش بركضوا بغض النظر كيف كان الجو. والشعور وانت بتركض تحت المطر أجمل بكتير من غير مطر.

عرفت انه مرات بنعمل محاكمة لغيرنا وبنحاكمهم على شي بيعملوا احنا مش متعودين نعمله وبس نكون في مكانهم وبنفس الظروف احتمال نعمل نفس الشي. اتعلمت انه مش لازم أحاكم حد بغض النظر بشو مختلفين وعشان اقدر افهمه لازم اكون في مكانه واحط حالي بنفس الظروف اللي هو فيها قبل ما اصدر عليه حكمي.

Me running as a council member again :)

Mozilla Reps

Before writing my name in the list of candidates I was thinking, “Do I really need to nominate myself again to be a council member?! What am I going to bring?!”

On my last post “Mozilla is a Black Hole” [1], I wrote why for 11 years I’ve been contributing to Mozilla and what is the source of my energy. It is not only because of Mozilla mission – as I was thinking before –  but because of you Mozillians, you always pull me back to Mozilla core, even though for many times I wanted to stop and focus on other things in my life.  To extend that post more to Mozilla reps program, last Mozilla Reps camp meeting in Berlin, I was hesitating to nominate myself as a council member, but again meeting the Reps helped me to take the decision and to put my name in the list.

What can I bring to the new council that I didn’t bring last time I’ve been there?
I was one of the provisional council member that helped to shape the program with other amazing Mozillians, then I return as mentor for more than a year. During my mentorship period, I learned a lot from my mentees and from others. This new experience give me a hands-on on the program itself, and I lived the SOPs, I’ve been in touch with the mentees directly and I know the issues that they face and things that need to be tuned. This new experience that I want to bring again to the council to help tuning (not fixing) it more, so we will be able to facilitate the work and make a difference.
The greatest strength of the program is YOU, without your continuous feedback and engagement with the program, the program didn’t improve. I believe the next step should be on how to facilitate and collect your feedback in systematic way to help the council to tune the program, since the program is for you.

@Reps, vote for me if you only think that I am suitable to be a council member.

For reps that they don’t know me, please take a quick look into my profile [2]

@council, sorry I didn’t stick to the suggested format of the questions 🙂

Mozilla is a Black hole!!

When I started working with Mozilla as volunteer back in 2003, it never crossed my mind that I will be able to stay that long. 11 years passed and God only knows how many times I thought that I have to quite and disconnect myself from Mozilla world. Of course not because of Mozilla but because of me; There was a voice inside my head always saying “There is nothing left to give and you don’t have time any more, that’s it, stop!”. I tried many times to shutdown this voice and find reasons to stay and keep going.

Last year, when I was invited to Mozilla Summit in Toronto, the voice won, I made up my mind; this summit is going to be the end of my journey with Mozilla, it is going to be a proper goodbye to Mozilla world and it is the time to get back to the user’s seat.
During the summit, I met my mozillians friends that I didn’t meet for long time. I met many talented mozillians that I never met before. I worked with amazing people that made every moment fun. I was telling myself no way that I can leave, I have to stay and give more. My batteries were fully charged and I am full of energy again.

Months passed, the voice inside my head came back again, my schedule became tighter, my study, work and my personal life are making me busy. Each time a Mozillian send me a message or an email asking for help or an opinion, I wanted to say no, sorry I am not doing that anymore; please seek help somewhere else.. I found myself typing on the keyboard, yes you can do this and that. I found myself getting involved more and deeper than before. Each time I wanted to take the ship to escape, Mozilla pull me back as a black hole in the space that doesn’t allow anyone to escape even light. But after these years I discovered the source of energy that kept me that long.

Dear Mozillains,
Thanks for the energy that you always gave me to fight the voice inside my head and for giving me the well to stay. You are amazing…

Dear Mozilla,
I totally understand now, the moment that I fell in love with your mission, it is the moment that you locked me down. Now I can tell you, I am giving up escaping and running away. I am staying and I surrender all to you!!

اعرف شخصيتي من خلال الوب الخاصة بي


مع اطلاق فيرفكس ٦ اطلقت موزيلا موقع جديد يقوم بادخالك باختبار من خلال اسئلة متعددة ومن ثم يظهر شكل الوب الخاصة بك من خلال شخصيتك ، وهذه نتيجتي http://mzl.la/pNhRPw

موزيلا و نظام تشغيل، لماذا؟

قبل عدة ايام اعلنت موزيلا عن مشروع جديد باسم B2G وهو عبارة عن نظام تشغيل للاجهزة الخلوية واللوحية، الكل بدأ بالتحدث عن هذا المشروع كأن موزيلا ستدخل المنافسة في تطوير نظام تشغيل جنبا الى جنب مع مايكروسوفت وجوجل وابل. ولكن برأي الشخصي لدي وجهة نظر اخرى وقراءة مختلفه للخبر. فموزيلا لا تفكر الدخول في سباق التطوير لانظمة تشغيل لانه ليس مجالها. موزيلا منذ بداية تأسيسها وهي تحاول ان تعرف المستخدم بخياراته ووضعها بين يديه. فكانت البداية مع فيرفكس كمتصفح يحمل هذه الافكار بتعريف المستخدم بوجود البديل وان الخيار بيده وانه هو صاحب القرار في اختياراته.

ثم قامت بموزيلا باصدار ثندربيرد برنامج البريد الالكتروني بنفس الاهداف. وقبل سنه تقريبا شعرت موزيلا بان الوب مستهدفه مرة اخرى وفي خطر من الشركات التي تقوم باصدار برامج للاجهزة الخلوية فاطلقت مشروع التطبيقات المفتوحة الذي قام بوضع مثال كيف يجب ان تكون الطريقة المثلى لتطوير هذه التطبيقات وكيفه توزيعها عن طريق متاجر التطبيقات.

والان موزيلا تقدم مبادرة اخرى في برامج التشغيل، هناك فرق كبير وواضح بين مبادرة موزيلا وبرنامج التشغيل من جوجل. حيث برنامج التشغيل من جوجل وتطبيقاته تعمل على متصفح كروم ولكن تطبيقات موزيلا تعمل على الوب وليس على فيرفكس ويمكنها انت تعمل على اي جهاز يستطيع الوصول الى الانترنت.

في جميع برامجها او مبادرتها، تحاول موزيلا بتوعية المستخدم بأن الخيار بيده وان الوب ملكه فلا يجوز لاحد ان يسيطر عليها او يتحكم بها ويجعلها حكرا له.