Firefox & Me: Episode 2: First encounter

It was end of summer 2002, I was sitting on my balcony having my afternoon coffee and flipping the pages of PC magazine, when a big article that cover one page about a new browser called Phoenix grabbed my attention.  I read the article very fast then jumped behind my PC and started to type the URL to download it, I was thinking is it going to be the one! The file was 8 MB, I was surprised how small it was, but with my dial up connection and 1Kbps speed, I have to wait more in order to have it downloaded. Once I have on my PC, I open the zip file, looking for the EXE, version 0.1, that’s interesting; I was telling myself. I launch it, and started to browse, opening many pages, it is really fast, responsive; even I can even customize the toolbar. What kind of browser is this?! Without hesitation, I clicked the button; you are going to be my default browser from now on…

To be continue…

Firefox & Me – Episode 1: Before I met you…

It was end of 90s when the whole Internet was orbiting around Internet Explorer, people started to forget what is Internet. There were not too many choices left. Internet is becoming Internet Explorer. My first love is now in the ICU for a long time, many tried to revive it but all the vital signs are showing that the end is getting soon and saving it is beyond anyone. I have to deal with the fact that Netscape is dying and it is taking its last breathe. I am still refusing to go out with Internet Explorer, simply because I don’t want to see the virtual world only from its own eyes. I want to shape my own world and control it by myself. I started to look for alternatives, I went out with opera couple of times, it was pretty, flexible has lots of characteristics that attracted me. But it was too complicated to deal with, many things that always made me confused. After struggling few times, we decided to break up. I tried to go out with other browsers but most of them they had the same personality of Internet explorer but they were having different dress and make up. I was looking for the one that will win my heart and the one that I should give my support. The one that I will be proud of when others see us together.
To be continue …

Mozilla is a Black hole!!

When I started working with Mozilla as volunteer back in 2003, it never crossed my mind that I will be able to stay that long. 11 years passed and God only knows how many times I thought that I have to quite and disconnect myself from Mozilla world. Of course not because of Mozilla but because of me; There was a voice inside my head always saying “There is nothing left to give and you don’t have time any more, that’s it, stop!”. I tried many times to shutdown this voice and find reasons to stay and keep going.

Last year, when I was invited to Mozilla Summit in Toronto, the voice won, I made up my mind; this summit is going to be the end of my journey with Mozilla, it is going to be a proper goodbye to Mozilla world and it is the time to get back to the user’s seat.
During the summit, I met my mozillians friends that I didn’t meet for long time. I met many talented mozillians that I never met before. I worked with amazing people that made every moment fun. I was telling myself no way that I can leave, I have to stay and give more. My batteries were fully charged and I am full of energy again.

Months passed, the voice inside my head came back again, my schedule became tighter, my study, work and my personal life are making me busy. Each time a Mozillian send me a message or an email asking for help or an opinion, I wanted to say no, sorry I am not doing that anymore; please seek help somewhere else.. I found myself typing on the keyboard, yes you can do this and that. I found myself getting involved more and deeper than before. Each time I wanted to take the ship to escape, Mozilla pull me back as a black hole in the space that doesn’t allow anyone to escape even light. But after these years I discovered the source of energy that kept me that long.

Dear Mozillains,
Thanks for the energy that you always gave me to fight the voice inside my head and for giving me the well to stay. You are amazing…

Dear Mozilla,
I totally understand now, the moment that I fell in love with your mission, it is the moment that you locked me down. Now I can tell you, I am giving up escaping and running away. I am staying and I surrender all to you!!

For our mission!

I didn’t write anything in my blog for more than one year but the latest events in Mozilla make me open my blog again and write something because I care about Mozilla and the last 10 days were hard on me as on everyone.

I always look at Mozilla as the United Nations of the virtual world, I am an United Nations employee for more than 8 years, everyday I go to work, I meet and work with people from different background, at my division we are almost 25 people from almost 25 countries, in the agency we are around 500 employees from more than150 countries. We all work together even if we are from different background, environment, culture, views and languages; we all work for one cause and one mission. One of our core values is to respect diversity, be tolerant and working in multicultural environment, we respect the human rights because we promote it and support it around the world. We believe that everybody is equal whatever their sex, or color or race or believes. When you decide to join and you sign your contract you agree on the terms and conditions of the work, leave your politics to yourself and leave them at home, at work we have one mission is to make our mission a success and to bring peace to this world, and if someone break that oath, they will be judge by the rules and regulations that are defined in the Human Resources. I do not care what our Director (the public face of the the organization) believes and I don’t want to know too. All I care about is he respect our rules, values and regulations,  if he did something against them he will be out. I am always looking at Mozilla like my real life work; diversity, multicultural, freedom, about choices and human rights over the web (by providing everyone access to the open web). I don’t care what people political views are, or what do they believe in, I care that we all as Mozillians working together to promote the open web, to spread our culture and to give people choices and not taking these choices from them. To show the world that we are unique, even if we are different in many aspects but we still respect each others and work together as one.

What happened lately was a shock for me as for others, I thought Mozilla is politics proof. But I saw politics came to Mozilla, I was struggling as others, we all had mixed feelings. During my 10 years of contributions; Mozilla is the place that I run to when I want to escape from the political world, I consider it a place with no politics. I look at it as the Utopia and how the world should be. I care about Mozillians that helped to defend the web, we all are representing Mozilla and we are the face of it, every action we do in the name of Mozilla are affecting us.

I will move forward as others will do, because our mission is bigger than anyone and I will be back on the track again but I think I need time to catch my breath, to heal and I need a little break to clear my mind and focus again.

التفكير التحليلي او المنطقي والبديهي وعلاقته بالإيمان

قام دكتور في جامعة كندية بمدينة فانكوفر بعمل دراسية بحثية عن التفكير التحليل والبديهي وعلاقتهم بالدين او الايمان بشكل اخص (Analytic Thinking Promotes Religious Disbelief). فحسب الدكتور لا توجد دراسة مستفيضه تبين لماذا هناك تفاوت في درجات الايمان بين مختلف الاشخاص بل الشخص نفسه درجة الايمان عنده تتفاوت من وقت إلى اخر. نتائج الدراسة تم نشرها في اخر عدد من مجلة Science العلمية المتخصصة حيث قام الدكتور بعمل الدراسة على عدد من الاشخاص من مختلف الشرائح في كندا وخلصت الدراسة إلى أن الايمان يكون في البدايات في التفكير البديهي الذي يعتبر طريق مختصر يسلكه المخ للوصول لنتيجه معينه دون الدخول في تعقيدات الحسابات والتحليلات التي يقوم بها التفكير التحليلي وبعد ذلك يقوم المخ باخذ ما توصل اليه التفكير البديهي وتحليله عن طريق التفكير التحليلي وبناءا عليه فإن المخ يقوم اما بتصديق النتائج التي توصل اليها مسبقا ودعمها او طرح اسئلة والتشكيك بها. وبذلك – حسب الدراسة – فإن التفكير التحليلي هو المسؤول عن زيادة الايمان او نقصه وليس التفكير البديهي.

الشيء الوحيد الذي يستحضرني الان {وَتِلْكَ الْأَمْثَالُ نَضْرِبُهَا لِلنَّاسِ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَتَفَكَّرُونَ }